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Find websites near the following homepage:

Radius: 10 km 50 km 100 km

Find websites near these coordinates:
Radius: 10 km 50 km 100 km
Error: The URL you entered is invalid. Verify if the address is correct (ie, "http://yoursite.com/") or is included in the GeoURL database. If your URL in GeoURL uses the "/" in the end of the address, you should put it.

What is Geo-Serendipity ?
Geo-Serendipity is a search system that shows the neighboring websites to your house or any location through satellite photos or map.

How does it works ?
When typing your web address or any coordinate in the search form, the Geo-Serendipity consults the GeoURL database through RSS to get the neighboring pages within a 10 km (6,2 miles) radius or more. Using this information, Geo-Serendipity finds the neighboring points in Google's map.

What is the meaning of Geo-Serendipity ?
Serendipity means: " the faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not looked for” . Geo-Serendipity is to find by chance something interesting next to your house: a restaurant, a store, a company, a friend's website or blog or an interesting website.

How to navigate:
The navigation is quite simple.
1 - This point indicates the localization of your home page.

2 - The red balloon represents a neighboring page and its localization. Click it to see the name and the address of the neighboring page.

3 - The Zoom Bar could be slid to increase or decrease the zooming with the central point of the box of navigation.

4 - The navigation arrows move the map in some directions. The middle button centers the map.

Other types of possible actions are:
- Click-and-drag to move the map.
- Click two times to center the map in a specific point.


Adding yourself to Geo-Serendipity?
You must include some code in your webpage and send its URL to GeoURL :

What are the coordinates I should use?
If the page is about you (such as your home page), the coordinates should be for your location. If the page is about some physical place, the coordinates should reflect that location. The location of your server itself is probably not that interesting.

Find your location:
Coordinates are in the form of a latitude and longitude, separated by a comma, for example: 47.98481,-71.42124. Western hemisphere longitudes and Southern hemisphere latitudes are negative.
Remember that minutes and seconds are in 60ths, so if something is X degrees, Y minutes, and Z seconds, the decimal equivalent is X + Y/60 + Z/3600.
Using this website , you'll be able find the latitude and longitude of several places in the world.

Add the following meta tags
to the <head> section of your web page:

<meta name="ICBM" content=" XXX.XXXXX, XXX.XXXXX ">
<meta name="DC.title" content=" THE NAME OF YOUR SITE ">

Note : If your site uses frames, you must add the meta tags to your top-level page which contains the <frameset> — we will not check the contents of your frames.

Tell the GeoURL server your page needs to be indexed.
Use this form to send your URL to the GeoURL's database. Your homepage will be included in a few hours. In case you miss the coordinates, just correct them and send your URL again.

Tell others !
GeoURL and Geo-Serendipity will become more useful as the database grows in size. Tell others about GeoURL and Geo-Serendipity by linking to us.

Important: The maps and the near sattelite photos may not be available in some places in the world. These places without maps can be viewed in the Sattelite mode with a wider zoom.
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